Session Leader Name #1 Andrew Parker
Session Leader Name #2  
Session Title Vi Kata
Session Style Game/Challenge
Session Length 30 mins
Session Description Being able to use an editor fluently is an important part of being mastering creating programs. We spend most of our days using a text editor yet how much time to we spend practicing it?

I’ve noticed from watching people who are very capable with certain editors that the use of the editor becomes second nature and moves away from thinking about what keys need to be pressed and moves toward simply playing the editor like an instrument. Achieving this requires training in muscle memory so that actions can simply happen without having to consciously think about them.

I have taken inspiration from kata in martial arts and will present a few kata for vim. The kata will incorporate some of the basics (movement, changing modes) and some slightly more advanced things (motions, for instance). The participants will perform each kata several times. Afterward I would welcome feedback on the kata and the value of the exercise.

Session requirements (technical) The VIM editor (gui or not).
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