Session Leader Name #1 David Laing
Session Leader Name #2  
Session Title Functional Koans – a fun way to learn functional programming in Scala, F# or Javascript;

…and contribute back to the learning packs for future programmers.

Session Style Tutorial
Session Length 90 mins
Session Description ====Functional Koans====

“Koan” – snippet of knowledge expressed as a test

* Part 1 – learn a new functional language
– Scala
– F#
– Javascript

* Part 2 – solve a problem in a functional way
– as a pair, in two different languages

* Part 3 – contribute back
– Fix a bug, add a new koan, push back to maintainer

Session requirements (technical) Depending on the language you choose to learn, you will need:

Javascript – A browser, a text editor & Java
Scala – Java & Maven & a text editor
F# – Visual Studio 2010

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