Session Leader Name #1 Jon Jagger
Session Leader Name #2  
Session Title CyberDojo – a collaborative, web-based, code-dojo environment
Session Style Other
Session Length 90 mins
Session Description Players write code and tests completely inside a custom web-browser. Players rotate every few minutes and success is when _all_ laptops have a working solution. Players also score points based on laptops being _collectively_ at green. The best way to understand it, as always, is to experience it. Which you can do at The most important thing to realize is that it is a COLLABORATIVE code-dojo. If there are 10 laptops and 20 players then the game strongly encourages all players to work together, collaboratively, beyond the unit of the individual laptop and the individual code-base.
Session requirements (technical) Power for the laptops. That’s it. I will setup a wireless network to connect to the CyberDojo server.
Video Link #1
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Supporting notes The vimeo is an earlier version of CyberDojo. A CyberDojo server is online at if you wish to see the latest version. There is a chance I won’t actually be able to make the day! If that’s the case you could of course still use the online CyberDojo server if you wish. Good luck.