Session Leader Name #1 Gael Fraiteur
Session Leader Name #2  
Session Title Writing clean and concise code using Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP).
Session Style Tutorial
Session Length 60 mins
Session Description We’ll start with an application a craftsman would have reasons not to be proud of: there’s no exception handling, expensive database operations are performed from the GUI thread, the view is not synchronized with the model, there’s no undo/redo system… All these things are usally terribly boring to implement. But AOP makes it fun: we’ll see how to encapsulate these infrastructure concerns into classes named “aspects” so that we don’t have to write boiler-plate code again.
Session requirements (technical) No requirement. Folks wanting to practice at home after the tutorial will need any .NET/Mono environment.
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Supporting notes Full disclosure: the demonstration is done using PostSharp, a commercial product and will be given by its main developer, a geek who coded his first program at age of 12 ;). The session is about showing a programming approach and not a specific AOP toolkit, so there will be a lot of takeaways for other languages as well.
License keys will be made available for the audience if someone wants to try at home.