Session Leader Name #1 Michael Hunger
Session Leader Name #2  
Session Title Understand a language better – Test Drive your own Unit Testing Framework
Session Style Open/Community
Session Length 90 mins
Session Description The idea is inspired by Kent (TDD by Example) of writing an unit testing framework in python. Doing that is a great way to learn a new language or to learn things about your language that you didn’t know before. It also helps to understand the
internals of unit testing frameworks. Reading their
sourcecode is also fun.I will suggest to the participants to create pairs of
people of whom one knows the target language and the other doesn’t (just an experiment).I’ll give some bullet points on a todo list on the steps to create the unit testing framework (or leave that off and have them find out for themselves what their unit testing framework of choice should do).In the last 30 minutes some the pairs can quickly walk through their code and show off.
Session requirements (technical) Language of choice
Editor or IDE of choice
Some means to test drive your code
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Supporting notes This was my first use of Jing and screencasting, so bear with me. I think I’ll redo that some later time but at least you’ve got the initial submission.
There were some lapses in the presentation and also in the test driving that I’ll fix, but this was also the first run of the coding :)Happy CodingMichael